LSU Football: Who will be 2017’s quarterback?

On November 26th, 2016, Coach Orgeron had the interim tag removed from his title, and was given full reign as LSU Football’s head coach.

During his introductory press conference, Orgeron stated a few of his goals for the future of LSU Football. The one that caught the ear of many Tiger Fans was that of the offense – particularly the offensive scheme he wanted to run. This of course included a particular type of quarterback he wanted to bring to Baton Rouge.

The message was clear: Coach O was interested in running a spread offense with a dual threat quarterback in the backfield. Given that recruiting is the life blood on which college football is run, there were no better recruiters in the nation to complete this task than at LSU. Between Coach Jabbar Juluke and Coach Dameyune Craig, the LSU Football program was able to reel in both Myles Brennan and Lowell Narcisse.

In both Brennan and Narcisse, you have the best quarterbacks in their respective states. Their arrival also brings in two top 20 prospects to compete with Danny Etling and Brandon Harris for the starting job next season.

However, Tiger Fans are going to exercise some patience as this process unfolds. While both quarterbacks bring in a unique skill set to run Coach Matt Canada’s Offense, they also come with issues that need to be worked out.

Myles Brennan comes into Baton Rouge as a prototypical pocket passing quarterback. As a three year starter for St. Stanislaus High (MS), his stats would suggest that he was a big time gun slinger in the Magnolia State. For his career, he is completing just over 67 percent of his passes, with nearly a 7/1 TD to interception ratio, for over 15,000 yards.

His rushing numbers, on the other hand, would suggest that he ran more out of necessity; not by design. I am not suggesting that Brennan does not possess the mobility to run a staple of the spread offense – the zone read – but his numbers suggest he would use his legs to by time for a better pass.

Lowell Narcisse comes into Baton Rouge as more of the style of quarterback Coach O wanted. As a three year starter for St. James High (LA) Narcisse’s stats indicated that he was more of the fourth tailback in the backfield; who had the luxury of having a decent arm. The 3/1 TD to interception ratio is respectable; but the 55 percent completion percentage may turn some Tiger Fans off.

His bread and butter comes from the ground game. Narcisse compiled over 2,000 yards rushing in his abbreviated career, with a healthy 5.8 average per carry and 34 touchdowns. But again, it was during an abbreviated campaign.

Lowell’s biggest hurdle he has to clear in Baton Rouge is his injuries. Two major knee injuries cut his junior season short; and caused him to miss his entire senior season. I expect him to be redshirted this year if he shows any signs that he is not 100 percent healed from those injuries.

There is a lot for Tiger Fans to be optimistic about this upcoming season. Brennan and Narcisse’s infusion into the offense can add to that optimism.

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Which quarterback will be able to take the reins and lead the Tigers into a prosperous future?

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