LSU football: which quarterbacking style should the Tigers employ this season?

Heading into the 2017 season, the LSU football Tigers have more than a wide variety of quarterbacks to plug into their offensive system.

But the real question here is which type of quarterback do they play this year?  Offensive coordinator Matt Canada has shown over the course of his career that he has knack for adapting an offense to fit a strong quarterback candidate.

“It’s a wide-open spot, when you come in with a new coach it’s a clean slate,” Canada said to  ESPN’s Allison Williams. “I think it’s important to all the guys.”

Competing for the spot will be pro-style, traditional pocket-passers Danny Etling and freshman Myles Brennan.  On the dual-threat side, we have sophomores Lindsey Scott Jr. and Justin McMillan, senior Brandon Harris and incoming freshman Lowell Narcisse.

Etling appears to the favorable contender at this point, given that he’s got the most experience of the group as a fifth-year senior, and is the only signal-caller to really get LSU going on offense in years.  Canada wants a quarterback who can consistently be accurate with little error, and the ex-Purdue quarterback looks to match this description most closely.

That being said, it’s looking like pro-style is the most safe and conservative option.  But on the flip side, does LSU take the leap of faith and see if they can jump-start the program by inserting a dual-threat quarterback?

In recent times, a good majority of successful college football teams have used the spread option offense and relied heavily on the efforts of their dual-threat quarterbacks.

Both quarterbacks in the 2016 National Championship (Clemson’s DeShaun Watson and Alabama’s Jalen Hurts) were dual-threat and held a high scoring, competitive contest that ended in a Tigers’ victory.

While these types of quarterbacks give a world of extra possibilities on offense, they’re not right for every team.  Not to mention the fact that practically every dual-threat quarterback barring Cam Newton and Dak Prescott so far, have ultimately fizzled out in the NFL.

Does LSU stick with the pro-style this season and continue to build a more effective offense around the bottom half of last season’s success, or do they try something else?

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The Tigers will kick off their football season in the opener on Sept. 2 versus Brigham Young in Houston, TX.

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