Injured Leonard Fournette reportedly decides to play after LSU’s scuffle with Florida


LSU star running back Leonard Fournette wasn't going to play in Saturday's game against Florida because of an ankle injury.

Then the two teams started shoving and exchanging unpleasantries before the game — a fracas that saw Fournette and a Florida assistant coach shoving each other.

Fournette wasn't happy, and you don't want to slight Leonard Fournette. According to SEC Nation, Fournette asked LSU interim coach Ed Orgeron if he could be in uniform for the contest.

He cleared him.

And then Orgeron played him.

Which leads to the big question: Was Fournette even injured?

Because there are only two options, should the report that Fournette was not going to play and then changed his mind is true (and it feels wonky):

  1. Fournette was sitting out the game not because he was too injured to play, but because he didn't want to participate — he was always medically cleared to go. 
  2. The LSU coaching and training staff fed into a college kid's adrenaline and allowed him to play on an injured ankle, despite the player being a big-time NFL prospect who reportedly has a chronic problem with that ankle

Injuries are not binary, but status is, and this whole situation has the distinct smell of fish.

We'll update this story because something doesn't add up here.