LSU DB: Auburn QB Johnson likely to throw us or hand us ball

Auburn quarterback Jeremy Johnson may very well be the biggest disappointment of the season after two games, unless of course you are tasked with playing against him. If that’s the case, he may just be your best friend. 

In anticipation for Saturday night’s game, LSU junior defensive back Dwayne Thomas made these comments to ESPN:

“We know that this guy, if we play our technique right, if we do the fundamentals and have our eyes in the right place, he should be able to throw us one — if not, hand it to us,”

“This quarterback has a great arm, but we don't know how accurate he is because we haven't seen him in person. With the tight coverage that we play, we're looking forward to him giving us a few.”

Considering Johnson was thought by many to be the leading candidate to win the Heisman out of the SEC heading into the season, those are some strong statements. However it’s hard to blame Thomas’ confidence level, as Johnson has thrown five interceptions in Auburn’s first two games. 

(h/t ESPN)

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