Louisville Football: Confidence meter heading into the Kentucky game

We take a look at what Louisville football fan’s confidence meter should be going into the game against the Kentucky Wildcats.

There is no getting around it, no matter how well the Louisville football team played over the first half of the season, there is some cause for concern heading into the UK game. The Cardinals have adopted a severe fumbling problem that has killed their chances of heading to the College Football Playoff this season. Also, the offensive line had gotten worse each week, pretty much since the start of November.

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Therefore, with a bowl-eligible Kentucky football team heading into Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium on Saturday, what should our confidence be in the Cards’ ability to get the victory?

The initial concern should be with Louisville holding onto the football. They have fumbled more times and any team in America and will get beat if they continue to turnover the ball. Kentucky will be looking to force a few turnovers, therefore it’s imperative that the Cards don’t put the ball on the ground.

The biggest thing that Louisville has going in their favor is that they are playing at home. This should allow the offensive line to hear Lamar Jackson at the line of scrimmage. They struggled with false-starts against Houston, therefore who knows what another road game would to do those guys up front.

Another advantage for the Cardinals is that Lamar Jackson already ran all over Kentucky last season. Not to mention, the Wildcats have struggled with mobile quarterbacks all season long. If he can get going early in the first quarter, then Louisville just might run away with a victory over the rival Kentucky football team.

With that being said, fans should be relatively confident going into the game. The Cardinals turnover issues should give everyone cause to pump the brakes, but Louisville has been able to overcome those problems against UK in recent history.

Louisville should be able to get the win over Kentucky on Saturday.

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