Louisville Football: Can Steelers’ William Gay Predict the Future?

We take a look at something former Louisville football player William Gay had to say after a loss to the Cowboys in November.

Okay, so William Gay can’t really predict the future. I really hope that you knew that before clicking on this, however the the former Louisville football player did say something pretty remarkable back in November.

Keep in mind, the Steelers were mostly injured and had just lost four-straight games.

Take a look at what William gay had to say in Teresa Varley’s article from the Steelers’ official website, all the way back in the middle of November:

“With the leadership in here, with Ben (Roethlisberger), Deebo (James Harrison), myself, Rob (Golden), and Cam (Heyward), we have all seen it and know we still have a chance,” said Gay. “The counter hasn’t blown up. With that chance it can bring a team to victory. That is what we need to do. It starts with a strong performance on Sunday. We do a great job in practice, but we aren’t coming together and getting a team win.

“It’s little things, but you have to credit the team you are playing too. When we are shooting ourselves in the foot, a penalty here, a dropped pass, missed tackle. Those are things we aren’t getting right now. Those are easy things to fix, and when we fix it we are going to be a tough team to beat.

“I always try to preach to them we have to win together. One person can’t win a game. That is what we have to do. Give a whole team effort all the way to victory.”

This is pretty incredible if you’re asking me. These quotes were given by William Gay after Pittsburgh lost 35-30 the the Dallas Cowboys back in mid-November. Since then, the Steelers have won nine straight games, including their 18-16 win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night.

Everyone wants to give Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers the praise for predicting his team could run the table, but William gay had faith in his team during a four-game losing streak as well.

In his tenth season in the National Football League, William Gay will be heading up to New England to take on the New England Patriots this upcoming weekend. The Steelers are heavy underdogs, but that doesn’t mean they won’t rise to the occasion and beat the best team in football on their way to another Super Bowl.

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