List of Texas Longhorns Who Won the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl might not be what it is today without the help of Texas Longhorns Football.

Starting in 1969, there have been 24 former Longhorns to win a Super Bowl. Perhaps four of the most important Horns were on the New York Jets team that stunned the Baltimore Colts in the third Super Bowl.

If not for the AFC/AFL representative Jets pulling the upset over the NFC’s Colts, the Super Bowl may have faded into obscurity. But, a huge upset from Joe Namath’s team made it seem like the two leagues were on even footing. And, the Big Game took off from there.

The four Longhorns on that upstart Jets team were John Elliot, Jim Hudson, Pete Lammons, and George Sauer. They played in the 1960s, which was arguably the greatest decade of Texas Longhorns football under Darrell Royal. And, they translated their skills to the most important Super Bowl of all-time.

Now, 24 former Longhorns have etched their name in history. Malcom Brown added his name to the list at Super Bowl 51 Sunday in Houston.

It will be interesting to see if Brown becomes the next two-time winner if the Patriots win another championship after Super Bowl 51.

]Four Longhorns have won multiple titles – Terry Orr with the Washington Redskins, Dan Neil with the Denver Broncos, Casey Hampton with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Aaron Ross with the New York Giants.

Overall, at least one former Longhorn has played in the last 12 Super Bowls. But, there had not been a winner in three years since Earl Thomas was on the Seattle Seahawks team that beat the Denver Broncos.

All-Time List Super Bowl Winners after Super Bowl 51

Texas fans like winners. So, the following list is the Texas Longhorns who played on the winning team in the Super Bowl following Super Bowl 51. For the complete list of players from both the winning and losing team, visit the official Texas Sports website.


John Elliot

DT/DE, New York Jets

1969 – Super Bowl 3

Jim Hudson

Defensive Back, New York Jets

1969 – Super Bowl 3

Pete Lammons

Tight End, New York Jets

1969 – Super Bowl 3

George Sauer

Wide Receiver, New York Jets

1969 – Super Bowl 3

Ricky Churchman

Defensive Back, San Francisco 49ers

1982 – Super Bowl 16

Bill Heathcock

DT, Chicago Bears

1986 – Super Bowl 20

Steve McMichael

DT, Chicago Bears

1986 – Super Bowl 20

Raul Allegre

Kicker, Chicago Bears

1986 – Super Bowl 20

Terry Orr

Tight End, Washington Redskins

1988 – Super Bowl 22 &
1992 – Super Bowl 26 (two-time winner)

Terry Tausch

Offensive Lineman, San Francisco 49ers

1990 – Super Bowl 24

Dan Neil

Offensive Lineman, Denver Broncos

1998 – Super Bowl 32 &
1999 – Super Bowl 33 (two-time winner)

Taje Allen

Cornerback, St. Louis Rams

2000 – Super Bowl 34

Derek Lewis

Tight End, St. Louis Rams

2000 – Super Bowl 34

Priest Holmes

Running Back, Baltimore Ravens

2001 – Super Bowl 35

Casey Hampton

Defensive Lineman, Pittsburgh Steelers

2006 – Super Bowl 40 &
2009 – Super Bowl 43 (two-time winner)

Aaron Ross

Cornerback, New York Giants

2008 – Super Bowl 42 &
2012 – Super Bowl 46 (two-time winner)

Tony Hills

Offensive Lineman, Pittsburgh Steelers

2009 – Super Bowl 43

Limas Sweed

Wide Receiver, Pittsburgh Steelers

2009 – Super Bowl 43

David Thomas

Tight End, New Orleans Saints

2010 – Super Bowl 44

Jermichael Finley

Tight End, Green Bay Packers

2011 – Super Bowl 45

Justin Tucker

Kicker, Baltimore Ravens

2013 – Super Bowl 47

Chykie Brown

Cornerback, Baltimore Ravens

2013 – Super Bowl 47

Earl Thomas

Safety, Seattle Seahawks

2014 – Super Bowl 48

Malcom Brown

Defensive Tackle, New England Patriots

2017 – Super Bowl 51

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