Let’s kick off bowl season with perhaps the worst punt ever

With the arrival of bowl season, here’s something to kick it off in epic fashion: possibly the worst punt ever, courtesy of the Fisher Automotive El Toro Bowl:

Whether a football game is being played in Guelph, Ontario, or Yuma, Ariz., the kicker always needs to account for the wind. 

Strong gusts cost the Montreal Alouettes a win during the CFL playoffs last month, and they thoroughly embarrassed Arizona Western College punter Joel Maddock in a junior college bowl game over the weekend. 

Lining up to punt in his own end zone, Maddock, an Australian freshman who also plays defensive tackle for the Matadors, booted a wobbly kick that got caught in the wind and shot straight up in the air. The punt landed on the Matadors’ own 5-yard line, and the combination of breeze and backspin caused it to roll straight through the back of the end zone for a safety. 

Ultimately, the two points did not make a difference, as Arizona Western’s opponent, the New Mexico Military Institute, cruised to a 32-16 win.

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