Lane Kiffin Plays In Confetti After Peach Bowl

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Lane Kiffin playing with his kids in the confetti after the Peach Bowl is adorable.

The relationship between Lane Kiffin and Bama fans is complicated. We love some of the things Lane has done for the Tide, but sometimes we also get frustrated with some of the calls he makes.

It’s hard not to see how we will miss Lane when watching him play with his kids in the confetti after Alabama’s Peach Bowl win.

The truth is that Lane Kiffin has done an incredible job as Alabama’s offensive coordinator. Alabama under Kiffin has never had a more dynamic offense. There’s also no way Alabama would have as much success running the ball if Kiffin’s schemes didn’t make teams worry about the passing game.

Despite Alabama’s offense struggling at times last night in the Peach Bowl Alabama got the win. We all may have wanted Kiffin to just hand the ball off to Bo and be done, but he was setting it up for the run game.

The National Championship will be Lane Kiffin’s final game as a part of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Kiffin has of course taken the head coaching position with Florida Atlantic University. So prepare yourself for only one more game of yelling “RUN THE BALL LANE!” Of course last night I was yelling more “RUN THE BALL WITH THE RUNNING BACKS LANE!”

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