Know Thy Enemy: Conversation With an LSU Fan

Earlier this week I sent some questions to’s site expert, Jacob Young to gauge how LSU fans are feeling about the matchup with Arkansas.

 1. Last season seemed like it could have been Fournette’s year for the Heisman until Alabama and Arkansas shut him down. How do you feel about the matchup for Arkansas vs the run with Fournette this year?

I honestly have no idea what to expect from Fournette on Saturday. Just as he was starting to look like his old self, LSU went up against that stout Alabama run defense. He was on a mission to prove himself after last season’s disaster against the Tide, but we all saw what ended up happening. I don’t think Fournette will get shutdown this week, but I’m not sure a big performance is in the cards either.

2. A lot of Arkansas fans are looking at the LSU vs Bama game last week and are nervous about going up against this Tiger defense. Where do you see LSU dominating defensively? Do you see any weaknesses?
In my opinion, this LSU defense is the best in the country. Through eight games, this unit has only given up nine touchdowns. Dave Aranda has built a passionate, aggressiveness defense that knows where to be at all times. This defense is full of NFL talent, and as you saw last week, they have the ability to stop both the run and pass. I think you’ll see them dominate this game.
3. I know a lot of LSU fans don’t really see Arkansas as a rival but do you see how it could become one if Arkansas continues to win?

I think the rivalry is pretty big down here. It’s definitely more interesting when the game has major implications, but there’s definitely some disdain for Arkansas, especially for those of us near the top of the state.

4. It’s no secret that the LSU football program has been in turmoil for a couple years now. How are you guys feeling about the job coach O is doing and do you see him being the long term solution?

I’m fairly optimistic going forward. Ed Orgeron has proven to be an elite motivator and CEO as the head coach of this team. If they keep Dave Aranda in town and can bring in a big-time offensive coordinator, Coach O would be the perfect guy to lead this team and delegate the strategic duties to his top-notch coordinators.

5. Your outcome prediction.

After the horrendous offensive showing against Alabama, this offense will either light it up on Saturday, or they’ll pack it in for the rest of the year. I’m going to be optimistic and go with the first of those two scenarios, and I think LSU will win this one 24-17.

Thanks so much to Jacob for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Arkansas and LSU kickoff at 7 p.m. on Saturday. You can catch the game on ESPN and ESPNWatch. Woo Pig!

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