Kent State’s wrong-way run grabs attention

Andre Parker’s wrong way run didn’t count, but it grabbed plenty

of attention on the first night of the college football season.

The Kent State linebacker’s moment of confusion became an

instant internet sensation when he scooped up a loose ball in the

Golden Flashes’ 41-21 victory against Towson and ran 58 yards

toward the wrong goal line Thursday.

Late in the first half, Kent State punted to Towson’s Derrick

Joseph, who let the bouncing ball graze his arm.

Parker realized Joseph’s mistake, grabbed the ball at the Towson

7 and proceeded to sprint in the wrong direction.

Adding to the comedy, two Towson players ran down Parker and

tackled him near the sideline.

In the end, it didn’t matter. By rule, a muffed punt cannot be

returned – or retreated – and the ball was spotted where Parker

grabbed it at the Towson 7.