Watch Kansas run the camouflaged kick returner play to perfection


Kansas needs all the help it can get to win games, so you have to imagine that the Jayhawks will try anything to get ahead.

Saturday, in their game against Iowa State, they showed how deep into the playbook they're willing to go.

The Jayhawks ran the camouflaged kick returner play to perfection against the Cyclones, as LaQuvionte Gonzalez (all-time name, right there) used what we can only presume was a deliberate Kansas uniform choice of blue on blue on blue to hide in the Jayhawks' blue end zone to get a big gain on a kickoff against Iowa State.

It's not the first time a Big 12 team has tried the deception — TCU pulled the same trick in 2014.

And the Philadelphia Eagles busted it out in 2012, only for a penalty to negate the touchdown.

This play clearly works — so why doesn't Boise State run some version of it on every play?