Kansas celebrates first Big 12 win

The day in Lawrence, Kan., started with a fan holding up a “We Want Bama” sign, which is the kind of sarcasm a 27-game conference losing streak will inspire.

The day ended with coach Charlie Weis in the locker room, telling his players they could go out on Saturday night, but to be smart about it.

"Knowing your track record,” he said, “I’m going to get a call from police at about 4 a.m."

In the background, an unidentified player counters: “They’re gonna let us go.”

Yeah, Kansas finally won.

The Jayhawks (3-7, 1-6 Big 12) ran for 315 yards and beat West Virginia (4-7, 2-6) 31-19 in Lawrence. It was their first Big 12 win since 2010, when they beat Colorado under former coach Turner Gill.

That West Virginia isn’t any good hardly mattered to KU students. Weis got a Gatorade bath and students rushed the field, tearing down the goal posts and depositing them in Potter Lake, which is the traditional resting place for Memorial Stadium hardware.

There has been a larger-than-you-think number of deposits there over the years, with KU fans (ironically?) overdoing it after wins against ranked teams, wins over rival teams, wins that guaranteed bowl eligibility. In 2006 it got to be a big enough problem that former coach Mark Mangino wrote an open letter to students asking them to leave the goal posts alone.

Overreacting to wins hasn’t been much of a problem since Mangino was forced out in 2009, but Saturday marked the end of a streak that was bordering on historic.

Baylor owns the record for consecutive Big 12 losses at 29. KU stopped its streak at 27, and, well, you take what you can get.