Manziels’ home is on the market

You don’t hear a lot of sports news at, but Wednesday seems to be an exception.

The website reports that Johnny Manziel’s parents are selling their home outside of College Station, Texas.

The 8-year-old, four-bedroom, four-bath, 2,800 square-foot spread in nearby Bryan, Texas is listed for $379,000 on the website.

The Manziels are from Kerrville, Texas, which is close to a four-hour drive from College Station. It’s easy to see why having a house near Kyle Field would make fall Saturdays a lot more convenient if your son is the quarterback.

Paul Manziel, Johnny’s father, recently indicated his son didn’t plan to return to Texas A&M after this season and Johnny himself has famously tweeted that he couldn’t wait to leave college.

No word yet on if his autograph controversy will threaten his amateur status, or the NCAA’s shamateurism.