Did Johnny Manziel tweet ‘Hahaha’ while ‘Bama was wrecking A&M?

Texas A&M got destroyed by Alabama in the first half Saturday.

How badly were the Aggies being beaten? Well, the Crimson Tide racked up 45 points. And the Aggies? They managed 51 yards of total offense.

Yeah, it was no laughing matter.

Except perhaps for one famous former Texas A&M quarterback.

According to multiple screengrabs that surfaced on Twitter, a tweet from Johnny Manziel’s official account read as follows:

Whether this tweet was real is unclear. However, if Manziel actually did tweet it, he has since clicked Delete.

Since there’s no way to be sure, Manziel may deserve the benefit of the doubt. The tweets could easily be Photoshopped, or he could have been referring to something other than the game.

Who knows? Nobody but Johnny Drama.