Manziel as mentor? Johnny Football wants to help Jameis Winston

After his latest off-field incident in which he reportedly stood on a table and yelled a vulgar phrase led to his suspension for the Clemson game, perhaps Jameis Winston could use some more guidance on how to conduct himself.  But who’s the right person to deliver that message?

Head coach Jimbo Fisher has tried.

Deion Sanders says he and alums have made attempts too.

Now, Johnny Football looks to be next in line.

According to, Johnny Manziel said he intends to reach out to Winston:

"I haven’t talked to him probably since the ESPYs when I saw him in L.A., but that’s probably a good idea. I’ll reach out to him and say a little something to him. More than anything it’s the middle of the season now and I don’t think he wants anybody that’s not on his squad interfering. But Jameis is a guy that I’ve had a good relationship with and want to help in as many ways as I can, or if anything I can say or I’ve been through can help him than I would love to do that.

"But I think for him right now just try and let as much time pass by and let some of these things blow over and worry about the position they are in right now and being the best team in the country and worry about football and the ACC. And really I think everything else will be OK. He’s continuing to grow up. He’s a young guy, too, but I really think he’ll figure it out as he continues to go on.”

Manziel has experience living in the spotlight and dealing with difficult situations.

Like Jameis, he won the Heisman Trophy as a redshirt freshman and became one of college football’s biggest stars. He noted that what accompanies the award is "heavier than the trophy is itself."


On the other hand, Manziel was investigated as a student-athlete for allegedly selling his autograph (and was subsequently suspended for half a game for what the school called an "inadvertent" violation of NCAA rules). And as a pro, he flipped off the Redskins sideline in a preseason game.

Not to mention his hard-partying lifestyle for which he’s well known.

So yeah, Manziel may not be the ideal role model. But crazier things have happened, right? Maybe it will work out for the best.