Jim Harbaugh shares the embarrassing reason he missed the Clemson-Alabama title game

Over the ensuing weeks, months and years, there will be plenty of debate about where Monday’s national championship game between Clemson and Alabama ranks all-time. Was it the best ever? Behind USC-Texas? In the short conversation after that?

Regardless of where it ranks, it’s impossible to argue that it wasn’t one of the best ever. However, there is one prominent football fan who actually didn’t see it all. That would be Jim Harbaugh.

The Michigan coach was in attendance at Tuesday night’s Kentucky-Vanderbilt basketball game, and when ESPN’s cameras caught up with him to see how he enjoyed the title game, well, he gave a surprising answer.

“Well, I heard it was a great game,” Harbaugh said. I have it TiVo’d, I fell asleep. But I heard it was an incredible game.”

First of all, shout-out to Jim Harbaugh. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard anyone use the term “TiVo’d.” But if there’s one person I’d expect to use it, it’s definitely Harbaugh.

Second, the news shouldn’t be too surprising. With the recruiting dead period ending today, we are about to hit the final, frantic stretch of the recruiting cycle. It’s a busy time to be a college football coach, so it’s unlikely few, if any, stuck around for all four-plus hours of the title game.

Speaking of which, let’s be honest: As exciting as that game was, it did run a tiny bit long.

Chances are, Harbaugh wasn’t the only one – football coach or not – who felt asleep in the middle of Clemson’s wild rally Monday night.