Watch Jim Harbaugh flip out, break his headset, and be flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct


Jim Harbaugh is not an understated man. He wears his emotions on his sleeve.

And on his khakis. And on the torso of his tucked-in sweatshirt. And probably in his hat too.

He's an emotional guy and those emotions got the better of him Saturday in The Game against Ohio State.

With Ohio State driving, Michigan was called for offsides on what seemed like a 50-50 play.

Harbaugh reacted… poorly. He was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and that penalty set up an easy Ohio State touchdown.

All in all, a bad stretch for the Wolverines, who were in complete control before that flag shifted momentum in Ohio States favor.

This is kind of churlish behavior is not uncommon for Harbaugh, as was pointed out by this astute Internetsman:

Also, what was Mike Shanahan, who has no clear ties to Michigan doing on the sidelines?