Jay Paterno nominated for PSU trustees, ineligible

As Jay Paterno figures out what to do next, the former Penn

State assistant coach at least knows one avenue he will not


Paterno, son of the late head coach Joe Paterno, said Friday he

was nominated to run for a seat on the university’s Board of

Trustees, though he never declared his candidacy and cannot run

anyway because of election guidelines.

According to Paterno, the Trustees office informed him last week

that he had received at least 50 nominating votes, the threshold

needed to qualify. But bylaws prevent former employees from serving

for a period of three years after leaving the university.

”I got that email from the office of the Board of Trustees

really out of the blue,” Jay Paterno said Friday in a phone


The same board ousted Joe Paterno in November following 46

seasons in the aftermath of child sex abuse charges against retired

defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. Some alumni and former

players critical of the trustees’ handling of the crisis see the

race this spring for three alumni-elected seats on the board as a

way to enact change.

The nomination deadline for trustee candidates is Feb. 25.

”With still another week to go being able to nominate people, I

want to make sure that people nominate (those) who are eligible,”

Paterno said.

In a statement, Paterno thanked supporters and referenced his

grandfather’s command to his father to ”Make an impact.”

”We encourage all Penn Staters to get involved in Penn State’s

governance and in the Trustee election process,” he said in the

statement. ”It is a vital role for alumni of this great

institution and only by participation can we make an impact on our

most beloved alma mater.”

Paterno said he looked forward to ”staying engaged with Penn

State,” including speaking to classes and getting involved with

fundraisers for the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon, a

student-run philanthropy which benefits pediatric cancer research

and care.

It appears he won’t coach next season, though he hasn’t ruled

anything out.

”I’m taking the year off, pursuing a couple things,” he said.

”I want to take my time and sort those things out.”

Joe Paterno was diagnosed with lung cancer days after his

dismissal Nov. 9.He left behind his wife of nearly five decades,

Sue; five children including Jay; and 17 grandchildren.

Jay Paterno said his mother was in good spirits and enjoying

spending time with grandchildren. With five young kids of his own,

Jay Paterno had no plans to leave the area.

He coached quarterbacks the last 12 years at Penn State. On

Friday, Joe Paterno’s successor, Bill O’Brien named Miami, Ohio

quarterback coach Charlie Fisher to the same position at Penn

State. Fisher’s previous coaching stops include Vanderbilt, where

he worked with Jay Cutler, along with Temple and North Carolina