Jay Bilas forced NCAA into hiding

ESPN analyst and former Duke basketball star Jay Bilas is known to side with collegiate athletes on issues, but Tuesday he straight ripped the NCAA a new one for what he called hypocrisy toward student-athletes.

Bilas took a stand against the NCAA for punishing athletes who profit off themselves while the organization is making millions doing the same. His rant came in light of the ongoing investigation against Johnny Manziel for allegedly signing autographs for a Florida dealer and getting paid.

Bilas pointed out to his Twitter followers that the NCAA’s official store takes you to specific player pages if you search for a star athlete by name. 

Mind you, the NCAA claimed it doesn’t profit off any likenesses of players, none of these players have their names on the back of those jerseys, and none have seen or will see any cash from these sales.

It’s safe to say the NCAA got the message because it disabled its player search feature on the shop website. Not sure what changes will come about as a result of Bilas’ tweets, but he did a damn good job at exposing the hypocrisy.

Bilas also pointed out the NCAA is making money off players who are suspended or no longer are in the NCAA, such as Terrell Pryor, who got in trouble for selling his own memorabilia.


Way to go, Jay.

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