Did former Baylor quarterback Jarrett Stidham hint at where he’ll play next year

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

College football's National Signing Day is still months away, but arguably the most important recruit available may have tipped his hand as to where he'll play college football next season.

That player is Jarrett Stidham, the former five-star, can't miss quarterback who played at Baylor during the 2015 season, before electing to leave the school following Art Briles' firing last May.

Stidham has remained relatively out of the spotlight since leaving Waco, but may have hinted at his next stop on Tuesday when he sent out this tweet:

For the uninitiated (or those without an iPhone) that little red thing is a “pin” to indicate that yes, in fact, Stidham is in Auburn. And it seems hard to believe that he would just happen to be on The Plains on a Tuesday afternoon in late November, for any reason, other than to visit the school.

Assuming Stidham is there for a visit, it would fall in line with what many have perceived to be the truth for a long time: That he will end up at Auburn next season. He already visited the school in September, to date, the only known visit he's taken since leaving Baylor. Now he's back for a second visit.

If Stidham doesn't choose Auburn, the consensus seems to be that he would end up either at Texas A&M or Florida next season. Both are shaky at the quarterback position going forward; the Aggies graduate Trevor Knight, while Luke Del Rio hasn't been overly impressive at Florida, nor has he shown the ability to stay healthy. For a program that has been woefully bad at the quarterback for years, Stidham could be the calming force they need.

Speaking of which, whoever gets Stidham, should be getting a potential star. He was considered a near-unanimous five-star prospect while in high school, before throwing for 12 touchdowns and over 1,200 yards after filling in for the injured Seth Russell last year.

Stidham will have three years of eligibility remaining.