James Franklin shows his ‘Lion face’ and it’s utterly frightening

By all accounts, Penn State coach James Franklin is a cool dude.

He’s not scary.

He’s not mean.

He’s not intimidating (well, maybe he can be on a very poor day of practice).

For the most part, he’s engaging and charming.

So, then, what the hell is this?

Did you get a close enough look at that ‘Lion’ face?


OK, here you go:

Franklin is a social media master and is among the most innovative coaches in college football when it comes to connecting with players and pushing a brand. And it’s understandable that he’s so fired up to be leading Penn State. So we get it.

But your ‘Lion’ face, James, is frightening. Please stash that one in the darkest corner of your social media closet and leave it be. Thanks.