FSU fans lash out at Jameis Winston ‘snitches,’ totally miss the point

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston reportedly screamed a vulgar sexual phrase on campus and was suspended by the school for the first half of the Seminoles’ games against Clemson on Saturday.

The incident apparently happened in the middle of the student union on campus, in front of many witnesses. Some of them took to Twitter to describe the scene. Several outlets picked up the story and posted those tweets. 

That much you know. Predictably and unfortunately, it now appears some on Twitter are giving heat to the people who tweeted about the incident, calling them "snitches" and blaming them for putting Florida State in a position to lose this weekend.

Here are a few examples of the kind of messages that have been posted:

"———>[Twitter handle removed] <———- the reason Jameis got suspended smh" — JaySwag_3

"I found the snitch! [Twitter handle removed] is the one @Jaboowins" — @JonovanRogers

According to at least one observer, this has caused some of the witnesses to make their accounts private or delete them altogether. All this simply because they saw Winston do something ridiculous and told us about it.

This is nothing new, of course. Twitter is constantly full of people missing the bigger picture. But it’s high time to wake up. This public harassment is the kind of behavior that helps cycles of abusive behavior continue. Leave these people alone and put the blame on Winston, who himself admitted he should know a lot better.

(h/t: Lost Lettermen & Complex.com)