Jameis Winston visits Miami teen in hospital with condition

Jameis Winston visited Dwayane Mitchell who has been in the hospital suffering from a severe medical condition.

By Jason Parker

It seems as though when Jameis Winston does something questionable, it’s front page news. But, when he does something nice, it’s much less of a headline. No matter what your opinion of the rookie NFL quarterback’s past is, we can all agree this is a story worth being shared.

This past week, Winston visited the hospital room of a Miami teen who is in the ultimate fight for his life. Dwyane Mitchell has been hospitalized since late May after being found unconcisous in his home. Following is the rest of the story per the GoFundMe page set up by his family:

He was transported to Jackson South Hospital where doctors determined Dwayne went into Cardiac Arrest. It was later determined that Dwayne had an undiagnosed heart disease called Wolff-Parkinson-White. This heart disease is extremely rare and went undetected, even though Dwayne was a high school athlete and in great shape. Dwayne was taken into the ICU with severe swelling to the entire brain. He was treated in the ICU for ten days until doctors later determined that there was no more that could be done and Dwayne would not survive this ordeal. Without hesitation, the family sought a second opinion from one of the top Neurologists in South Florida. The family was informed that Dwayne’s condition was survivable, but the road to recovery would be very long and steep. Since that day, Dwayne has missed his high school graduation and has been in the ICU fighting for a second chance at life.

On a personal note, I have covered this story as a member of the Miami media, and I can tell you the family is strong and will do whatever it takes. Dwyane is also a fighter who, according to the site, has made improvements and is heading in the right direction.

Kudos to Jameis as well for using his stardom for a good cause in helping to raise awareness of this teen’s fight to stay alive.

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