Jameis Winston’s dad wants FSU to provide son 24/7 handler

After avoiding charges in a sexual assault investigation last December, it hasn’t been the quietest spring for Florida State quarterback and baseball player Jameis Winston.

Recently, he was cited for shoplifting crab legs, a moment he referred to as "youthful ignorance" that resulted in a suspension from the FSU baseball team.

Winston was reinstated after completing community service.

With Winston coming off a national championship football season and a Heisman Trophy, the scrutiny surrounding him will be even greater as he enters his redshirt sophomore season this fall.

His father, Antonor Winston, told USA Today he’s working with the university on how to best manage the attention around his son and would like some form of security and supervision around his son at all times moving forward.

The Latest With Jameis

"He’s supposed to have somebody around him 24/7," Antonor Winston told USA Today. "He’s a Heisman Trophy winner so (he’s) definitely not supposed to be by (himself)."

Florida State has added additional security to protect Winston on athletic trips, athletic director Stan Wilcox said in a statement to the paper, but it raises the question of how much is enough with an athlete as high-profile as Winston.

Antonor Winston said the latest incident has made it clear to his son that the spotlight on him is growing only larger, and he hopes it alerts FSU that additional attention is needed.