Victim in alleged Phillip Nelson assault case making progress in rehab

Isaac Kolstad was left in critical condition after allegedly being assaulted by former Minnesota and Rutgers quarterback Phillip Nelson in May.

Nelson was dismissed from Rutgers’ program after being arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault, authorities say, for kicking Kolstad in the head after another man knocked Kolstad down with a punch.

After two months, some positive news is emerging for the 24-year-old Kolstad.

His wife, Molly, posted online that Kolstad walked 1,000 feet in a recent rehab session, and his left arm and leg remain strong while his right arm and leg continue to gain strength.

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Molly Kolstad wrote that her husband is becoming more engaged with visitors, laughing at jokes and managing to say a few simple words. Molly Kolstad delivered the couple’s second child on June 4, and Isaac has been able to bond with his new daughter despite his condition.

"It continues to amaze us the connection he has made with her through this ordeal," Molly Kolstad wrote. "He truly, truly knows he is a daddy and we see this all the time with his interactions with the girls. When I get to the hospital, he gives me a smile then reaches to hold Malia. When Malia cries he is the first to reach out and want to hold her and comfort her."

Molly Kolstad wrote that Isaac has a long road ahead to a full recovery, but his continued progress gives the family hope.