Iowa State incoming freshman RBs prepared to make an instant impact

With Aaron Wimberly and DeVondrick Nealy gone, the Cyclones will have to start all over again in the backfield.

It’s an unsettling note for Iowa State, which struggled in the run game last season, but it’ll open the door for talented incoming freshmen Joshua Thomas and Sheldon Croney, who will be joining the team in a couple months.

"We’ll be playing football with all of them in August," Rhoads told the Des Moines Register. "Everybody will get looks to build that depth chart at running back. No question."

 Following a lackluster ground game in 2014, expectations are high for the two freshmen, but they’re not feeling the pressure.

In fact, they’re excited to have a chance to make an immediate impact in Ames.

"It’s kind of a boost of confidence knowing that you’re going to have a chance to go in and play and show what you can do," Croney said. "I’m a competitor. I love to compete. I just look at it as competing."

"I’m just going to come in, try to learn the offense, contribute what I need to contribute and if coach feels the need that I need to be the top dog, then I’ll be the top dog," Thomas said. "If he feels the need that I need to come in and clean up, then I’ll come in and clean up."

The two incoming backs haven’t met yet, according to the Des Moines Register, but they are both equally eager to get off to a fast start at Iowa State.

"We’re going to do everything we can to play as soon as possible and hit the ground running," Croney said.

(h/t Des Moines Register)

Photo credit: David K Purdy/Getty Images