North Dakota State keeps getting paid big bucks to beat FBS teams


Why on earth do FBS schools keep scheduling North Dakota State?

Don’t they know that it only ends in embarrassment?

The Bison beat No. 13 Iowa 23-21 Saturday in Iowa City. It didn’t even seem like an upset — North Dakota State was every bit as good as the Hawkeyes the entire game.

North Dakota State has won five straight FBS national championships and now their last six games against FBS opponents, are all on the road.

The Bison are doing more with 63 scholarships than most programs are doing with 85, and there doesn’t seem to be any end to NDSU’s reign in sight.

And not only do the Bison win, they get paid to do so, too. Since 2010, they’ve received a cumulative total of $2.175 million to go 6-0:

2010: Beat Kansas, 6-3 — paid $375,000
2011: Beat Minnesota, 37-24 — paid $350,000
2012: Beat Colorado State, 22-7 — paid $250,000
2013: Beat Kansas State, 24-21— paid $350,000
2014: Beat Iowa State, 34-14 — paid $350,000
2016: Beat Iowa, 23-21 — paid $500,000