Indiana students tear down goalpost after upsetting No. 17 Michigan State


Indiana football pulled off the upset that Vegas believed was in the making on Saturday, raining on Michigan State's parade with a 24-21 overtime win at Memorial Stadium.

The victory netted Indiana its first Brass Spittoon in 10 years, and more or less doomed Michigan State's already narrow shot at playoff consideration.

Of course, IU students made the most of it, taking down the goalposts and reveling in one of the few moments that Indiana football brought joy and optimism into their lives.

Yep. That post down.

Now, there are those who will say this is an unnecessary and unbecoming celebration of a victory over  a program that was already in a controlled slide out of the AP Top 25. And to this I say nay.

Indiana football fans are a strange and masochistic lot, and anyone who stuck it out to the midnight conclusion of this Big Ten shovel fight should enjoy their reward to the fullest. Because, as stated, this is it. It doesn't get better than this. Take this brief flicker of light and hold it close, Hoosiers fans.

For Indiana football glory is fleeting but sweet indeed.

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