Illinois fans finally throw in the towel

In the football sense, the University of Illinois team has forgotten to show up plenty of times this season, leading to a miserable 3-7 season.

On Saturday afternoon, the Illini faithful failed to show up in the physical sense as only a handful of students were on hand to watch their school get blown out once again.

The Illini have lost 19 consecutive Big Ten games, and with third-ranked Ohio State coming to town, school spirit wasn’t exactly at an all-time high as evidenced by the mostly barren student section.

That didn’t stop the diehards from continuing the traditions and attempting the card stunts that go along with the marching band’s changing of the songs, but with a lack of bodies, the effect just wasn’t as aesthetically pleasing.

Whether the students were still in mourning over losing out on Cliff Alexander, presumably spending their Saturday studying hard in the library or partaking in any other activity that didn’t involve watching their team get steamrolled, 60-35, they can at least boast about having the saddest student section in the Big Ten.

Surely there’s a trophy for that.

Check out the pitiful sight in the photo below.