Illinois Football: Depth Chart Against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights

The Illinois football team heads into the game this weekend needing a win against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

Last week, Chayce Crouch made a good push for the starting job, but it looks like Wes Lunt will be the starter once again.

Here is the depth chart against Rutgers.


QB: Wes Lunt (60.5 Comp %, 840 Yards, 6 TD, 1 INT)

  • Backup: Chayce Crouch (66.7 Comp %, 157 Yards, 0 TD, 0 INT)
  • 3rd String: Jeff George Jr.

RB: Reggie Corbin (27 Carries, 235 Yards, 1 TD)

  • Backup: Kendrick Foster (41 Carries, 276 Yards, 4 TD)
  • 3rd String: Ke’Shawn Vaughn (43 Carries, 219 Yards, 2 TD)
  • 4th String: Tre Nation (11 Carries, 59 Yards, 0 TD)

FB: Nate Echard

  • Backup: Austin Roberts

WR: Justin Hardee (10 Catches, 101 Yards, 0 TD)

  • Backup: Desmond Cain (3 Catches, 44 Yards, 1 TD)

WR: Malik Turner (29 Catches, 409 Yards, 3 TD)

  • Backup: Sam Mays (3 Catches, 32 Yards, 0 TD)
  • 3rd String: Dominic Thieman (2 Catches, 7 Yards, 0 TD)

WR: Zach Grant (8 Catches, 84 Yards, 0 TD)

  • Backup: DJ Taylor (2 Catches, 24 Yards, 0 TD)

TE: Ainslie Johnson (5 Catches, 85 Yards, 1 TD

  • Tyler White
  • Andrew Davis (2 Catches, 17 Yards, 0 TD)
  • Caleb Reams (2 Catches, 9 Yards, 0 TD)

T: Gabe Megginson

  • Backup: Austin Schmidt
  • 3rd String: Connor Brennan

G: Darta Lee

  • Backup: Jordan Fagan

C: Joe Spencer

  • Backup: Harry Black

G: Nick Allegretti

  • Backup: Jordan Fagan

T: Christian DiLauro

  • Backup: Adam Solomon
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DE: Dawuane Smoot

  • Backup: Henry McGrew

DT: Chunky Clements

  • Backup: Jamal Milan

DT: Rob Bain

  • Backup: Tito Odenigbo

DE: Carroll Phillips

  • Backup: Gimel President

WLB: Julian Jones

  • Backup: James Crawford

MLB: Hardy Nickerson

  • Backup: Mike Svetina
  • 3rd String: Dele Harding

SLB: Tre Watson

  • Backup: Justice Williams

CB: Jalen Dunlap

  • Backup: Cameron Watkins

FS: Taylor Barton

  • Backup: Darwyn Kelly
  • 3rd String: Dillan Cazley

SS: Patrick Nelson

  • Backup: Julian Hylton

CB: Darius Mosely

  • Backup: Chris James
  • 3rd String: Frank Sumpter
  • 4th String: Ahmari Hayes

The depth chart is going to look pretty similar to last week.  There could be a few changes on defense, but I think it will end up looking like this when Saturday rolls around.

Illinois needs to beat the Scarlet Knights.  This weekend is extremely important for the future.

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