Report: Idaho coach Paul Petrino restrained after berating media

Idaho coach Paul Petrino reportedly got into it with the local media.

Nelson Chenault/Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Idaho head coach Paul Petrino, fresh off a 1-10 season, reportedly took time away from Vandal practice to berate a local reporter, who wrote about the incident Thursday for the Moscow-Pullman Daily News Online.

In the wake of an article Michael-Shawn Dugar wrote regarding the Vandals’ work-in-progress vertical passing game, Petrino reportedly asked Dugar, "Did you guys see enough deep balls today?" 

According to Dugar’s account, Petrino — brother of Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino — proceeded to throw the media out of practice and yelled, "If all you’re going to write is negative (expletive) then none of you need to be here!"

The Idaho coach reportedly then approached Dugar and, according to the reporter, began to scream at him, criticizing his football knowledge along with this "request:" "You don’t even know what the (expletive) you’re talking about! Do your (expletive) job!"

Dugar claims that one of Petrino’s assistants restrained the coach at this point, leaving Dugar to wonder what Petrino’s intentions might have been. 

(h/t Moscow-Pullman Daily News Online)