Huskies believe they may have landed a great Dane

Andreas Knappe began playing American football in Denmark when

he literally outgrew the sport of team handball.

The 6-foot-9, 300-pound defensive tackle arrived in Connecticut

from Europe three days ago, and UConn coaches say the 21-year-old

freshman may have the size and skill to contribute right away.

Coach Paul Pasqualoni says Knappe will begin his career on

defense, but may also spend some time learning how to become an

offensive tackle.

Knappe says he’s just happy to be at UConn, where he no longer

has to buy his own shoulder pads and cleats. A place that he has

access to training facilities, and can learn from a position coach.

Those are all things he’s never had.

His dream is to follow Morton Anderson and become the second

Dane ever in the NFL.