Ole Miss’ Freeze admits Chris Jones recruitment still hurts

The world of college football recruiting can be a strange place. The mind-numbing number of commits and decommits don’t even faze most in the recruiting world, as coaches and players alike rarely seem to stick to their word. 

That being said, every coach has at least one recruiting story that still haunts them, and Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze is no different. 

Freeze candidly offered up current Mississippi State defensive lineman Chris Jones as "the one that got away" for him:

The fact that Jones still competes within the same state, and even the same division, against Freeze makes this honest answer fascinating. Surely the two won’t go easy on each other during this year’s edition of the Egg Bowl following this news, but it’s refreshing to know that two people on opposite sides of one of the most heated rivalries in the South can remain close despite their current allegiances.