Houston coach Herman calls radio show to debate report

Houston head coach Tom Herman.
Troy Taormina/Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Cougars coach Tom Herman got into a heated debate with 610 Sports Radio hosts Nick Wright and John Lopez on Wednesday when he called their show to debate the merits of a report by Lopez that claimed Herman met with Texas A&M transfer quarterback, Kyle Allen, in Houston on a certain date. Kyle Allen’s transfer to Houston was announced on Tuesday.

Per USA Today:

At issue was a report by Lopez, a former newspaper columnist, about a meeting between Herman and former Texas A&M quarterback Kyle Allen, who recently transferred to UH. An exhausting and sometimes pedantic debate breaks out, with the argument centering on the question of whether a phone call constitutes a meeting, and the implications of that answer for Lopez and Herman.

Herman argued that Lopez’s report featured half-truths and that those inaccuracies tainted the whole story.

“So John Lopez goes out and he reports, you know, ‘Giant fire in the city of Houston. Dozens of lives lost and millions of dollars of damage done. And then it turns out that, yeah, there was a fire, but it was in Phoenix, and nobody got hurt, and no property was really (damaged). Yeah, you got the story right, John. There was a fire.”


Lopez countered by saying, “This is like me saying I report that Tom Herman got into an orange car and drove to Austin. And they you say, ‘Oh, no, no no. It was a red car. Therefore the whole story is wrong. That doesn’t make any sense.”

Herman took issue with the report because he was recruiting another quarterback at the time when Lopez’s story broke.

“The quarterback in question had an issue with, ‘You said you didn’t meet with him, This guy, this reporter, this journalist is reporter you did meet with him. Coach, are you telling me the truth or not?’” Herman said. “And now I have to defend myself against the facts,” Herman said.