Hometown of LSU head coach Ed Orgeron to host ‘Coach O Day’

Head coach Ed Orgeron has given LSU Tiger fans all over the country a reason to celebrate, and now his hometown is giving him his own sort of special holiday.

The people of South Lafourche have chosen to dedicate February 17th to the coach, and have dubbed the event “Coach O Day”.  They will honor Orgeron’s success with a special banquet tomorrow.

In addition to honoring the third ever Louisiana-native coach to be at the helm of the Tigers, the banquet will double as the 40th anniversary celebration of the 1977 Lafourche football team’s state championship.

Orgeron was a member of this championship team, and will have his jersey retired during the celebration.

“We are all very proud of Ed Orgeron, and we want to give our 100 percent support behind him,” said Larry Weidel, who is a member of the planning committee for the event. “We want to give the community to have a chance to share in his success. It will be a community party.”

Since Orgeron was given the position, the Tigers have gone 6-2, including their 29-9 win over Lousiville in the 2016 Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl.

Now, the Tigers will be looking to advance to and emerge victorious in this year’s college football championship game.

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