Good sport: HS player lends a hand to opponent by tying his shoe

Here’s one of our favorite high school football videos of the season. And it’s not a flashy run or catch or big hit. It’s just somebody being a good sport.

In a game in Michigan last Friday, Clay Soule, a defensive end for Dansville, crossed over to the offensive side of the ball, where Kevin Koenig of Laingsburg was having trouble tying his shoe.

"He was trying to tie his shoe with his gloves on and he couldn’t do it," Soule told the Lansing State Journal. "I asked him if he wanted me to tie his shoe, and I just went over there and tied it for him. I didn’t think twice about it. I think he was surprised."

Here’s how it looked:

Incidentally, Soule’s team won the game 35-20. One thing we wonder, though: Why didn’t one of Koenig’s teammates offer to help?

(H/T For the Win)