Here’s why Oklahoma State’s controversial upset loss won’t be overturned

Despite the fact that Central Michigan was incorrectly granted an untimed down with no time remaining in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s game at Oklahoma State — an opportunity they turned into an incredible Hail Mary and lateral touchdown and a 30-27 "win" — the outcome of the contest will not be changed.

The Mid-American Conference, which provided the officials for the game, released a statement Saturday afternoon:

"The Mid-American Conference officiating crew from Saturday afternoon’s Central Michigan at Oklahoma State contest made an error on the final play of regulation. The crew made a misapplication of the rule and should not have extended the contest with one final play. Despite the error, this will not change the outcome of the contest."

NCAA football rules say that outcomes cannot be changed after the referee has declared the game over — and only the referee can declare the game finished, so an errant extension of the game cannot be excluded from the result. 

It remains unknown if the MAC will sanction the referees of Saturday’s game. In the league’s statement, it quoted coordinator of football officials Bill Carollo saying:

“As in all games involving the Mid-American Conference, every play within every game is thoroughly reviewed and graded on its accuracy and has impact on the evaluation for every official."