Alabama DB falls for Zimmerman hoax

The news of George Zimmerman’s acquittal spread like wildfire on Saturday night, and the sports world was no exception, with athletes posting a variety of tweets, some of which they most certainly regret.

But on Tuesday, Alabama DB Ha Ha Clinton-Dix fell victim to a prank related to Zimmerman — and he probably should have known better.

The Onion, arguably the No. 1 news parody site on the web, posted a story on Tuesday that Zimmerman had won the Florida lottery — and a $37 million payday.

Apparently Clinton-Dix is a relative newbie when it comes to this whole Internet thing, because he fell for it:

Let’s cut him slack, he was probably too busy prepping for Johnny Manziel.

And he’s not the first football player to fall for something they saw on the Internet.

Or the only one to believe everything he hears.