Greg McElroy says Nick Saban is still helping LSU win football games

Greg McElroy knows Nick Saban much better than most, given he played quarterback for him at Alabama.

McElroy speaks with great respect about Saban’s meticulous attention to detail and work ethic, which is why he believes Alabama’s momentum under Saban won’t dip anytime soon.

Interestingly, the former Bama QB also believes LSU’s recent momentum under Les Miles is in large part due to what Saban established there when he coached in Baton Rouge from 2000-04.

“If you look at LSU, they’ve had sustained success since Saban left because he established that mindset," McElroy said on SportsTalk with Bo Mattingly recently. "Les Miles obviously did take over that program and has done a terrific job in his own right, but once you establish that mindset and have the leadership that holds young players accountable, that success shouldn’t soon dwindle."

It’s not a shocking statement by any means, but it’s interesting considering Miles is entering his 10th season at LSU and has unquesitonably made the program his own. Any "mindset" Saban could have implemented at LSU has to have been washed over by what Miles has put in place, right?

McElroy explained the mindset and what he believes drives his former coach.

“What’s special about him, given my experience playing and seeing him on a day-to-day basis, is how he acts and the attention to detail he gives every single situation and evaluates every single situation,” McElroy said.

The QB added: “I think he fears failure. I wouldn’t say he’s in fear of any individual person. I think he’s afraid of failing. I think he’s afraid of failing himself. I think he understands he’s going to be his own toughest critic, for that reason. That’s what separates some of the greats from the best of all-time, and he’s in that conversation. He’s going to continue to keep working and trying to get better.

“I think he’s enjoying it now more than ever before, as well. All three of those make a dangerous recipe for the rest of the SEC.”

(h/t Coaching Search)