Georgia Tech 222, Cumberland 0 happened 100 years ago


The mismatch of all mismatches happened 100 years ago on Oct. 7, 1916.

Georgia Tech, coached by John Heisman, met Cumberland.

The final score: Georgia Tech 222, Cumberland 0.

There is a story behind the final score: Revenge.

Heisman also coached the Yellow Jacket baseball team and was still stinging from a 22-0 loss to Cumberland in 1915.

Heisman believed Cumberland had loaded its baseball team with ringers.

So, when the time came for the football game against the same foes, Heisman was primed. It also didn't help that Cumberland had decided to discontinue its football program before the 1916 season and forgot to let Georgia Tech know.

Heisman wouldn't have any part of Cumberland escaping without a price: Pay us a $3,000 forfeit fee or show up.

Georgia Tech found a nice balance, scoring 63 points in each of the first two quarters.

“We’re ahead, but you just can’t tell what those Cumberland players have up their sleeves,” Heisman told the team at the half. “They may spring a surprise. Be alert, men.”

Up 126-0, Heisman cut quarters in the second half to 12 minutes. It mattered not as the Yellow Jackets added 96 more points.

Passing: Georgia Tech never threw the ball; Cumberland completed 2 of 18 passes and threw six interceptions

Rushing: These vary wildly from Georgia  Tech having anywhere from more than 500 to 1620. One fact is consistent: Cumberland College gained zero yards on the ground.

Turnovers: Georgia Tech 0; Cumberland 15.

Heisman went on to gain fame for another reason; there's a fairly prominent college football trophy named after him.