Funny Maine: How Alabama Fans Watched The Semi Finals

Funny Maine is back with another hilarious video showing how Alabama fans watched the semi finals.

If you haven’t been following along as Funny Maine does his “How Alabama Fans Watched…” videos this season you’ve really missed out. There are a lot of Tide flavored spoof videos on the internet, but there aren’t any better than Funny Maine’s.

This week Funny Maine is back to watch Alabama vs. Washington and Ohio State vs. Clemson. Let’s see how it turns out…

Oh man, I almost lost it with the trash bowls right off the bat. I saw a lot of how I watched the game in that video, though to be fair I wasn’t probably that kind to Lane Kiffin. Just think we only have one more game to yell “RUN THE DAMN BALL LANE.” And honestly after last night I think I may have to start yelling “RUN THE DAMN BALL WITH RUNNING BACKS LANE.” We are also going to have to come up with a “RUN THE DAMN BALL SARK” or the like this offseason, but that’s a problem for the week after next.

Funny Maine has really been one of my favorite parts of this season. Make sure you’re following him on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss anything before the National Championship game.

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