QB’s trick shot hits nothing but net

Over the house, through the air and into a basketball hoop we


Although the NCAA does not include pass difficulty in a

quarterback’s statistics, Derek Carr’s trick shot will

undoubtedly bring him more attention than a regular-season

touchdown pass.

In the video clip below, the junior Fresno State quarterback

launched a football from one side of a house, over the roof and

through the net of a basketball hoop waiting on the other end. With

his view completely obstructed by the house, he had to wait for his

brother, former NFL QB and fellow Fresno State Bulldog alum David

Carr, to begin celebrating to know his shot was golden.

Luckily for us, David caught the whole thing on video. Derek

completed 67.3 percent of his passes in 2012 and tossed 37

touchdown passes. Now, he can arguably be credited with 40 TDs,

seeing as this shot was clearly in 3-point land.

Check out the incredible trick shot in the video below, with a

hat tip to Dr. Saturday.