Former UCLA LB Myles Jack does not know what position he will play in the NFL

Myles Jack doesn't know what position he'll play in the NFL
Robert Hanashiro

When Myles Jack decided to leave UCLA in October after suffering a knee injury, he focused all of his energy on becoming the best NFL Draft prospect he could be. 

Jack moved to Arizona and has been going through an intensive rehabilitation process at the Fischer Institute of Physical Therapy and Performance. Jack is considered by most NFL Draft pundits to be a first-round selection. 

Jack played linebacker and running back for the Bruins; however, he does not know where he will play in the NFL. 

“Linebacker, maybe safety, maybe outside backer,” Jack said, per ESPN. “It all depends on how the coaches see me. Some people kind of see that as a bad thing, but I see it as a good thing. You can kind of plug me in wherever you feel like you see me or wherever the coach sees me. I feel like I was pretty successful at UCLA wherever they plugged me in at.”

Despite not knowing where he’ll be playing at the next level, Jack insist it isn’t a concern of his right now. 

“I feel like I can transition my body into whatever position they want me to play,” Jack said, per ESPN. “I feel like I have the skill set and desire to do whatever they need me to do. It’s not an issue.”