Reports: Former Texas Tech CB Bethel will not face assault charges

Former Texas Tech cornerback Nigel Bethel II will not face assault charges, his attorney has told several media outlets.

Bethel was dismissed from the program earlier this year after an altercation with a member of the women’s basketball program. His attorney, Tray Payne, told FOX 34 in Lubbock, Texas, that a grand jury had cleared Bethel of the charges.

"I can state emphatically that Nigel is apologetic for what happened," Payne said, according to FOX 34. "There’s no question in my mind that there’s a lot of remorse and regret for that split-second incident that occurred. But also, let me be very clear, this is not instigated by Nigel and Nigel was assaulted first by Ms. (Amber) Battle."

The incident in question happened in June when the two had an altercation during a basketball game. Battle later said in a statement that she "initiated the first contact" and was subsequently suspended from all competition through the end of November. Bethel was dismissed from the football program.

His attorney says he wants Bethel reinstated and told FOX 34 that the grand jury had written a letter to the university asking for that or, at the least, a public exoneration of the athlete.

Blayne Beal, with the university’s athletic department, told FOX 34 that Tech will stand by its original statements and its decision.