Herbstreit moves family to Tennessee

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit has moved away from Ohio — because of the constant criticism he was subjected to from vocal Ohio State fans, The Columbus Dispatch reported Friday.

The former Buckeyes quarterback said a small minority of supporters simply didn’t understand that his job demanded objectivity and fairness.

"Nobody loves Ohio State more than me," said Herbstreit. "But I’ve got a job to do, and I’m going to continue to be fair and objective. To continue to have to defend myself and my family in regards to my love and devotion to Ohio State is unfair."

Herbstreit, 41, and his family are moving to Nashville, Tenn., although he will continue to do his Monday radio show on Columbus station WBNS-FM.

"I don’t like moving. I love living here. I don’t want to leave. But I just can’t do this anymore. I really can’t keep going like this," he said. "Eighty to ninety percent of the Ohio State fans are great. It’s the vocal minority that make it rough. They probably represent only five to 10 percent of the fan base, but they are relentless."