Former Auburn coach Gene Chizik’s daugher went to prom he did not look pleased

I don’t have a daughter, but if I did I’m pretty confident my expression would look just like Gene Chizik’s on prom night.

This might be the greatest SEC football coach picture since Steve Spurrier went to the Daytona 500 and drank beer shirtless. From the angry arms crossed, to the fact that Chizik is wearing UnderArmour on top of another UnderArmour long sleeve — as he’s contractually required to do until the day he dies – to the subtle bicep flex that suggests, "I will choke you to death if your hand moves either north or south of my daughter’s hip,” everything about this photo is just perfect. 

Chizik is every dad on prom night ever. 

We really need to photoshop unimpressed Chizik into all sorts of other world events. Beginning with the Gus Malzahn introductory press conference at Auburn.  

This photo appears to come courtesy of the prom date’s mom, who tweeted it Saturday night:

She went on to add:

This is false. 

No dad has ever liked his daughter’s prom date. 


As @mattcox Tweeted me the moment this story went up on Outkick, "You’re dead right with that last part. There’s a six-year-old boy out there somewhere that I don’t even know but I despise him."

Happy Sunday to dads everywhere.