Fordham flashes to 8-0 mark

There appears to be new blocks of granite at Fordham.

The Rams surged to 8-0 with a 52-31 pasting of Yale in New Haven

on Saturday. The stars of the show were quarterback Michael

Nebrich, a transfer from UConn no less, and wideout Sam Ajala.

Nebrich and Ajala combined for four touchdown passes. Nebrich

finished 19 of 26 for 421 yards with the quartet of TDs and two

interceptions. Ajala, a junior, had 10 catches overall for 282


The victory made this Ram team the first to go 8-0 in

school  history.

Ajala wears No. 1. He’s isn’t the only No. 1 on the Rams’

roster. He shares the digit with


Shainberg, a 5-0, 110-pounder.

Shainberg was diagnosed with a brain tumor six years ago. The

tumor caused the 12-year-old to suffer a stroke, which left the

right side of his body weakened. He is undergoing therapy to regain

control of his right side.

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between Shainberg and the Rams.