Four FSU freshmen ended any possible rap career with this video

Because fall camps have not officially opened yet and college kids have nothing better to do during the summer, we are treated to an atrocious (awesome) music video today.

Four Florida State freshmen made a rap video called, "Gotta Make It To The Top."

A few things:

1) Why?

2) They obviously didn’t consult the "Seminole Rap" crew, because that video was awesome.

3) Jimbo Fisher needs to do something to rectify this. At the very least, these freshmen should be forced to perform "Gotta Make It To The Top" live during team dinner on the first night of fall camp.

And then that video should be posted to YouTube so we can all enjoy it.

Here’s the work of Jacob Pugh, Lorenzo Featherston, Derrick Nnadi and Demarcus Christmas. Fellas, we advise being really good at football and doing great in the classroom during your time at Florida State, because those are your best avenues for future employment.


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