Florida LB Finley charged with resisting arrest

Florida linebacker Dee Finley has been charged with resisting

arrest without violence after a traffic stop on campus.

Finley, a sophomore who played a backup role in the team’s first

two games, also was charged with driving with a suspended


He was arrested Monday and released on his own recognizance

Tuesday morning at the Alachua County Courthouse. Both charges are


Team spokesman Steve McClain says coach Will Muschamp is aware

of the incident and ”will handle the matter.”

According to the University Police Department, Finley was pulled

over after he drove his scooter around a barricade at Ben Hill

Griffin Stadium. When asked for his license and registration,

Finley refused to give the information.

Finley started his scooter and tried to leave the scene, but a

police officer grabbed his wrist and refused to let him go. Finley

pushed the officer’s hand away. The officer threatened to use a

Taser on Finley before the player complied and put his hands behind

his back.

UPD initially arrested Finley on a charge of resisting arrest

with violence, a third-degree felony, but the State Attorney’s

Office reduced that charge after consulting with police.

According to court records, Finley’s license is suspended in

Florida and in his home state of Alabama for multiple failures to

pay fines and make court appearances. In Alachua County, Finley has

been charged four times for driving with a suspended license in

less than three years.

In conjunction with his release, Alachua County Judge Denise

Ferrero ordered Finley not to drive any motor vehicle without a

valid license.